Our Approach

approachLaw enforcement is a dangerous business. Now, this comes as no surprise to anyone even remotely familiar with policing. News stories about officers injured or killed in the line of duty are far too common, and law enforcement families live with a slight, but ever-present, fear of their officer falling to violent assault or an accident. Staying safe on the job relies on diligent officer safety, physical fitness, street smarts, staying skilled at defensive tactics, and ongoing training.

What may be a surprise is that some of the most dangerous threats most cops will face come not in the form of gun, knife, or fist, but as persistent and insidious blows to the officers’ emotional and mental health, family and relational life, and even their very understanding of who they are. Almost all officers will survive the job physically, but will they survive it mentally, emotionally, and with their important relationships intact? Policing places hard demands on its practitioners, on the job and off, and success relies on meeting and overcoming those demands.

Balanced = Better

We know being a COP is more than just a job, it is an IDENTITY. There is nothing wrong with that – law enforcement is an honorable profession that only a select few are cut out for – but when the identity of cop pushes out other aspects of the officer’s personality, imbalance occurs and the officer’s personal life may be at risk. Marriage and parental responsibilities suffer, family ties weaken, old friendships fade, hobbies and pastimes are abandoned, and life becomes one-dimensional. Without balance, eventually even the officer’s professional identity will suffer. That is why being More Than A Cop© is crucial to succeeding both personally and professionally. A balanced cop is a better cop.

Our Goal

At More than A Cop© our goal is providing police officers and their families with the skills and tools necessary to protect themselves not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, and to ensure their survival not just on the street, but beyond the street.

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