For Mental Health Specialists

mentalhealthEnhancing mental health support for law enforcement officers and their families is very important to More Than A Cop©. Policing is an often difficult and emotionally taxing career, and too many police officers feel there is nowhere to turn for help. Broken relationships and fractured families, a high incidence of alcohol and substance abuse, diminished emotional and physical health, and a shockingly high suicide rate have resulted. It should not be this way!

Unfortunately, police officers are often some our hardest clients; hard to get into therapy, hard to get them to trust you, and hard to keep them coming back. Establishing your office as a safe and trustworthy place is critical but, if you are not familiar with cops or their world, extremely difficult to do.

More Than A Cop© is committed to developing “Cop-Friendly” therapists whom officers and their families can feel safe turning to in times of stress, and who are familiar with the unique personalities, experience, and worldview of those charged with protecting society.

To this end, we have developed a foundational training for mental health professionals, offered in three to eight hour formats, which will open your eyes to a world rarely seen and little understood by those outside it… the inner world of the working cop!

Need an article? Mike and Althea have written extensively on issues of interest to the law enforcement community both individually and as a team.