Compassion Fatigue

“Compassion Fatigue” is a common thief robbing officers, agencies, and communities of motivation, productivity, and dedication to service. This course is designed, by way of highly interactive lecture and participatory discussion, to learn to identify compassion fatigue in yourself and others, understand its sources, and to devise ways to overcome and reverse its often debilitating effects. Special emphasis is placed on the role of police supervisors and trainers in combating compassion fatigue. Identifying, managing, and beating compassion fatigue is key to avoid becoming a R.O.A.D. (Retired On Active Duty) Officer.

Course Outline

Here are some of the key points covered in this training:

  • What is the thing called “Compassion Fatigue?”
  • Professional caretakers and compassion fatigue
  • Are you burned out? A cop’s 5-question self-test
  • The not-so-hidden dangers of compassion fatigue
  • Is there a police personality profile?
  • The origins of compassion fatigue
  • The impact of compassion fatigue on your agency, colleagues, and community
  • Preventing and overcoming compassion fatigue for officers and police supervisors

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