Survival Skills for Beyond The Street

Going home at the end of the day is the goal of every good cop, and mastery of the tactical skills necessary to physically survive a long career is key. But knowing how to survive the job emotionally is a too often neglected component of officer safety, and the very tactical skills that keep you alive on the street may even threaten you away from it.

“Survival BEYOND the Street” examines how a law enforcement career threatens officers’ home and personal lives, wearing away at officers’ ability to fit in with the society they are sworn to protect and leaving broken personal relationships in its wake. We then teach a practical and reality-based approach, focusing on skill development and practice, designed to teach off-duty survival skills, fix damaged relationships, solidify intact ones, and demonstrate how a well-rounded individual can be a better cop. The importance of balance, healthy detachment from work, and developing the “whole person” is emphasized.

Course Outline

Here are some of the key points covered in this training:

  • The hidden dangers of police work
  • Surviving the job physically is only the beginning
  • How the survival skills that keep you alive on the street endanger you away from it
  • Is there a police personality profile?
  • How does law enforcement change a person?
  • Divorce-busting for LEOs
  • A law enforcement career’s impact on family, friendship, health, and outlook
  • The impact of policing on mental health
  • Personal detachment: Knowing when – and how – to “turn off the cop!”
  • Be better on-duty by being better off-duty

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